Cars Review And Price EI BMW X1 2015

Cars Review And Price EI BMW X1 2015

Cars Review And Price EI BMW X1 2015 - The 2015 BMW X1 replaces the 2010 (more information) model which was updated in mid-2012 . It is an SUV of 4.44 meters.

It is on sale from 30,950 euros with a diesel engine of 116 hp. None of his rivals hypothetical (I mean this size SUVs and similar price) are so underpowered engine and is one of the reasons why it is the cheapest of all. The sDrive X1 18d 150hp (one of the variants with higher sales, as expected BMW) costs 32 400 euros, more than an Audi Q3 2.0 TDI 150 hp and a Mercedes-Benz 200 CDI 136 hp GLA. A Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 SD4 150 is clearly more expensive (comparative tab).

This BMW X1 just seems the previous but name. The mechanical arrangement is different (the motor is located in a transverse position and front- or all-wheel drive is, before the engine was longitudinal position and was rear- or all-wheel drive), but like that of its main rivals that are listed in above. They also change their proportions so clear; It is shorter and wider and taller (comparative tab). The wheelbase is reduced significantly (from 2.76 to 2.67 meters).

Although the length is shorter, it has more room inside: what is the fastest growing legs reserved for the occupants of the rear seats, room and there is also a significant increase in the volume of the trunk. More information on the impressions of the interior section.

Cars Review And Price EI BMW X1 2015
Cars Review And Price EI BMW X1 2015

Despite all the changes that have occurred, the feel of driving this X1 resembles that of the traditional BMW (rear-wheel drive and longitudinal engine). The steering is precise and firm suspension, and not particularly comfortable on firm deteriorated. The 2015 X1 is available with three engines and four-cylinder diesel or gasoline. And the drive may be front (versions sDrive) or total (xDrive versions).

The X1 sDrive18d (150 hp, front-wheel drive) can be one of the most desirable versions of the range for its good balance between performance and consumption. The difference in acceleration compared to 190 hp is clear, but absolutely crucial for those who make a normal car use. We have not tried any of the engines with less than 150 horsepower, which we do not know whether they will be sufficient or whether its operation will present a special feature for being three-cylinder engines. More information in the section Driving Impressions.

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Our BMW X1 had mounted many options that we have seen in other models of BMW. Everything that can be paid separately, what I found most valuable is the automatic gearbox (which is eight relations in four cylinder engines and six in three). It helps make driving more comfortable and always respond satisfactorily. At very low speed (maneuvers) allows for very good control of the movements of the car, gain speed consummate ease off selected lights and road marches quickly when so needed. I do not know if the six-speed automatic transmission will be just as successful. This transmission is charged between, a 2200 and 2700 euros depending on the version.

BMW offers four trim packages that affect the exterior and interior decoration. These are Advantage, Sport Line and M Sport xLINE. The body can be painted up in thirteen colors, including one called Blue Estoril, exclusively for the M Sport equipment line.

Optional equipment is particularly broad, as often happens in BMW. Among other things, you may have several types of screens on the dashboard, browser, two types of seats or various elements of driver assistance, such as collision warning, automatic braking in town with pedestrian detection, warning involuntary change lanes or traffic sign recognition. In the section Some of the items available are no more information.